About Us

Who We Are


 We are basically an Educational and business promotional website.

What We do


On Education: We teach and learn digitally and electronically, in line with global standards and best practices of e-learning.

We do not only introduce users to the advances in e-learning, but also strive to use same in our teaching and learning activities.

This is so because as the saying goes, we learn by doing and practice makes perfect.

On Promotions: We receive your business profile through our Post A Business form. After completing the necessary requirements, your business profile appears on the site under the appropriate category. All featured profiles appear on the front and on the slider banners of each category. (Terms and Conditions apply to featured profiles and Direct Adverts).

More on Promotions: Note that we also promote Artisanry, Professional and Vocational Enterprises, with special attention to the Entertainment Industry vis-a-vis, Musical Artists, Musical and Video producers and Editors, Animators, DJs, MCs, Dancers, Choreographers, Event Managers/Planners, Decorators, Caterers and other creative designers (web designers, Graphic Designers, Graphic Artists, Sreen Printers, Printing Presses, etc).

How We Operate

We provide tutorials on all relevant areas where our team of experts cover.
All co uses or tutorials have their codes and enrollment ID whiwhich will be sent to you wwhen you enrol for a course.

We showcase businesses of any type that are worthy of national and international patronage.

Our Location


Our Head Quarters is located in the FCT - Abuja Metropolis with easy access to all parts of the City and neighbouring states. We also reach out to other states of the federation and globally through our numerous partners and agents.

Our Contact


For more information on our mode of operation, please feel free to use any of our contact channels to reach us and we will be more than glad to relate with you.